The Rules of Iterify are pretty simple and designed to make the whole thing fair and fun for everyone!

Please be mindful of the following:

  • - We tolerate no cheating;
  • - Sharing answers (solutions to puzzles, including individual steps) is prohibited;
  • - One participant should only play once per round: i.e. you should not participate in the one event from multiple accounts!

Iterify team tries our best to ensure the fairness of puzzles. The participants who are caught breaking these rules will be excluded from rewards distribution and might be banned!

Additional rules:

  • - Please exhibit your best behaviour in Iterify or partner projects' social media channels. I.e. follow server/community rules, don't be rude, racist, aggressive etc;
  • - If you are a politically exposed person, a citizen or resident of a country/territory which is usually prohibited from participation in crypto events (e.g. North Korea), kindly refer from participation.

Violations of these rules might result in permaban!