How to play

Our puzzles are challenging yet fairly straightforward. We encourage you to try solving our demo puzzles, this should help you understand the system and help you be prepared for the real events.

Here is the short guide on how to play the Puzzle Round:

  1. Connect your Web3 wallet by clicking the “Connect” button. Most wallets work including Metamask, Rabbi, Xdefi etc. Please make sure you are connecting the account you want to participate with!

  2. Sign the transaction. This step is necessary to prove you own the wallet you are connecting with and hence have the right to access your profile. Basically, this is a login procedure.

  3. From now on, you can access your profile page by clicking on your account/address on the top right corner

  4. Inside your profile you can change your username, see your achievements, stats and also subscribe to the future events (Puzzles which are not live yet)

  5. But how to participate in the current events? Click the “Home” button from your profile and you will see the dashboard with available puzzles. Pick any available puzzle.

  6. After clicking on the Puzzle card you will see the Puzzle description. All the information including the rewards, its distribution and additional steps you need to take to participate is available on the page. When you are ready - click the “Start now” button.

  7. Once again you will be asked to sign a message to verify the ownership of your wallet.

  8. From now on, you are inside the Puzzle. You need to solve each step to finish it. Solving the step requires you to find and enter the correct answer in the input field.

  9. Puzzle steps will often require you to do a lot of googling, zooming into the images and so on. Feel free to do it, you never know where the hints are (it is part of the challenge!)
  10. After finishing the Puzzle you will see the leaderboard with your stats. Kindly wait for our team to confirm the results: status “not confirmed” means we haven't approved your submission yet. We manually check all the results to eliminate cheaters!

  11. The reward will be sent to your address (the one you participated with) very soon! Exact deadlines are specified on the round page

Please note:

  • - All puzzles are challenging and require some effort and google skills from participants!
  • - We strongly encourage you to join all the socials of the partner projects and dive deeper into the project's nuances before attempting to solve our puzzles.
  • - Every puzzle is a challenge of your
    • knowledge
    • wit
    • ability to search information
    • ability to do it very fast

Please prepare accordingly!