DUNE Quest

expiration date: 2026/01/11 05:00 (UTC+03:00)

How to play


  • Click "Start"
  • Sign-in with your Web3 wallet.
  • Solve each step of the puzzle. This puzzle has 4 steps! Some experience watching and reading Dune is recommended, yet none of the puzzles requires any specific knowledge: you only need to know how to google things fast.
  • Your place in the leaderboard is determined by the time when you solved the whole puzzle. This means, the person who solved the puzzle first gets the first place, the next one - the second place and so on.


About Dune

Dune is a mind blowing sci-fi masterpiece written by Frank Herbert and adapted to the big screen by David Lynch, John Harrison and Denis Villeneuve


  • Round individual Prizes:
    • 1st :
    • 500 Million Solaris
    • 2nd :
    • 250 Million Solaris
    • 3rd :
    • 150 Million Solaris
    • 4th :
    • 100 Million Solaris
    • 5th :
    • 50 Million Solaris
    • 6th-999th :
    • 0.00001 mg Spice Melange